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There are trail and places to hike all over sierra county.  You can start at our beautiful Elephant Butte State park, as you drive down Rock Canyon you will see many places to stop, get out and hike or bike. Please stop by the Elephant Butte Chamber for maps of the Elephant Butte State park.

Dirt Damn hiking/biking is a nice trail that starts at the end of HWY -195 and leads you to the Elephant Butte Damn, a nice and easy hike for any one.

There is the Truth or Consequences Healing Waters Trail, head down town T or C start at Geronimo Springs Museum and see out historic hot springs district housing over 10 Hot Springs Bathhouses and Spas.  While you are downtown T or C head to Rotary park to find the Carrie Tingley Hill Trail.

Turtleback Mountain Trail, on the other side of the Rio Grade, this trail is a tricky one to find but once you find it, it will give you the most beautiful view looking over T or C.  Plan for a long hike this one could take 5 hours round trip.

The Gila National Forest has over 50,000 acres of land that you can only access through hiking, biking or horse back.





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