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Elephant Butte Damnsite


Elephant Butte's History 

The Chamber of Commerce in Elephant Butte was formed the same year the City of Elephant Butte was established in 1998 and our Beautiful Elephant Butte Lake finished construction on the damn in 1915.

Our Mission

 The Elephant Butte Chamber of Commerce is organized to advance the general welfare and prosperity of the Elephant Butte area so that it’s citizens and all areas of its business community shall prosper. All necessary means of promotion shall be provided, and particular attention and emphasis shall be given to the economic, civic, commercial, cultural industrial and educational interests of the area.


The Chamber of Commerce in Elephant Butte Vision is to build a diverse and sustainable business climate that encourages job growth, workforce development, and economic prosperity


The Chamber of Commerce in Elephant Butte is a nonprofit membership based business association serving the community in Elephant Butte and the surrounding area. The Chamber’s programs and services focus on the two priorities reflected on our mission:

Create an environment in which businesses can prosper. Members  can count on the Chamber to:

  • Provide value-add benefits and services including strategic networking opportunities, engagement in issues important to their business and careers, promotional opportunities, educational programs, and other business services.

  • Build a Chamber staff that demonstrates teamwork, excellence, respect for diversity, and commitment in pursuit of our mission. 

Enhance the community's quality of life. Elephant Butte and the surrounding region are exceptional places to live, learn, work, and do business. The Chamber is committed to building on its many advantages through:

  • Impactful efforts and advocacy for policies that affect the business environment and encourage job growth, economic prosperity and diversity, workforce development, and exceptional quality of life.

  • Action as a collaborative partner and consensus builder with other community organizations and the government, nonprofit, and education sectors to achieve mutual goals and to build a healthy, diverse business community supported by a strong education system and infrastructure.


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